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Grill Tips

What do you grill when you want to impress someone?

When I want to impress someone, I like to cook a good-sized tenderloin, and I’ll inject it with Lawry’s Teriyaki sauce for flavor. I like it because it’s a massive piece of meat, and when you inject it, it stays really juicy and soft. When you are cooking for 8-10 people you cook the tenderloin as a whole, and then slice it up to cook to different temperatures as desired.

What's a grilling mistake that everyone makes?

The most common mistake people make when grilling is not keeping their temperature under control. A lot of times on gas grills folks will put their meat over the fire, causing the fats to run off and make the flames higher/hotter. Everything just tastes better when cooked a bit slower from a lower temperature.

What is your grilling go-to or specialty dish?

I like a nice inch and a half thick Rib eye as my go-to. I can throw a few of them into a Ziploc bag with some Lawry’s Teriyaki for half an hour and put them on the grill. It is super simple but is always guaranteed to be a hit.

Dry rub or wet rub on ribs? Why?

On ribs I prefer a wet rub, mainly because I like to rub Red Pepper Jelly. I believe wet rubs give you more flavor and you can add it at the end of your smoking procedure. I think it really gives you the x-factor to your ribs.

Do you have a signature marinade and what is your marinade method?

I wouldn’t classify it as a signature marinade, but Lawry’s Teriyaki marinade is a staple on my steaks, chicken, and most everything else I can throw on the grill. It won’t allow the meat to dry out, gives it a nice, sweet taste and it because it is easy to find as I travel around the country fishing tournaments.