Scroggins’ Career Favorite Money Winning Lures

Big Show handpicked these lures as not only favorites, but among most instrumental to the success of his phenomenal tournament career.

I caught five bass that weighed 44 pounds 4 ounces with this worm at Falcon Lake and almost set the all-time B.A.S.S. single day heaviest 5-fish limit record. You can catch big ones all year long on a 10” worm. When I’m desperate for a bite, I bust out the Shaky Head worm. If the winds not blowing too hard, I prefer to cast a 1/8-ounce head. If it’s breezy, go with a 3/16-ounce head. This is my top choice for offshore structure fishing. It’ll run 15 – 16’ deep. This is the lure I won the 2007 Southern Open on at Toho. It’s great for ripping through hydrilla anywhere you can find it growing. This is a little bait I used to win a lot of tournaments on the St. Johns River before squarebills became so popular. It runs a little shallower than most squarebills, and has a tighter wiggle. It’s best around wood and docks. This is I bait I designed for YUM. All of its appendages fold up real tight to slip through the grass mats easily. This color is called Cooter Brown, it’s best anytime you have tanic water because it has a lot of flash. Growing up in Florida you had to have a Devil’s Horse. I call it the donkey. Don’t ask me why. This lure is older than me, and when you work it in one small place, such as a hole in the matted vegetation, they can’t stand it, and the big girls blow up on it. I’ve scored seven straight Top 10 finishes at Santee Cooper with this little set-up that most anglers have never seen or tried. I’ve won 30 to 40 tournaments on a Carolina-rigged straight tail worm. One hint: I hop my Carolina Rigs across the bottom, instead of dragging them.