Going Rogue

Terry ScrogginsTerry “Big Show” Scroggins also has an affinity for throwing a Rogue in cold water, but the Florida pro isn’t nearly as detailed as Christie and Jones when it comes to the logistics of the bait. “I know that the Rogue is probably going to be a major player for me in the Classic, but I don’t know which ones are going to work and which ones aren’t,” he explained. 

“I’ve got an arsenal of them, but I’m not married to any individual bait. If I break one off, I’ll just tie another one on.  I have one box filled with a bunch of cool Rogues, so it’s no big deal if I lose one.”

With the recent influx of high-dollar import jerkbaits, Scroggins said that even though the Rogue may not be the topic of discussion at the boat ramp, it remains as one of the most deadly options. Read More