50th: Scroggins Misread Things

> Day 2: 1, 1-06 (5, 7-11) - Terry Scroggins doesn’t fish too often in cold-water conditions like this week, but he still felt like the fish would’ve more into a pre-spawn mode than still in their winter phase.

“I just misjudged everything,” he said. “I started off the whole week wrong. I thought the fish were a little further along than they were. The way it turned out, they’re all still out in the main lake for the most part.

“I fished way too fast and tried to cover too much water, but that’s my style of fishing. It’s hard for me to slow down, but when the water temperature’s 41 or 42 degrees, you have to go slow. I went from A to Z mainly targeting them on jerkbaits and jigs. I didn’t leave a whole lot uncovered. I think the whole deal was I was fishing too fast.”